Dove Cottage

1185 Woods Road,  Germantown 12526 | 518-755-9904 | handicap accessible

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Helen Sacco is a versatile artist – working in a variety of media: oil painting, acrylics, drawing, clay sculpting, photography, and mosaics. As you enter her studio “Dove Cottage”,  you will see artwork hung in a formal gallery setting. Walk through to her working studio space and a variety of materials ready to collage or paint.

Being open to change, new adventures and having the courage to meet new challenges has played a large part in my development as a photographer, painter and sculptor.   I have been an “Artist at Heart” for all of my life.  In 1993, I endeavored to seriously begin pursuing my true love, oil painting.  I paint in an intuitive and impressionistic style.  I have used acrylics and watercolors, but always came back to oils. I also enjoy sketching the figure.

In 1994, an opportunity to be a part of the establishment of a new publication called  “Northeast Arts and Antiques” came through for me in my career as a salesperson in advertising.  I traveled about the Northeast and it came to be my job to do the photography at the same time.  I enjoyed taking pictures of people, art and antiques with a new slan.  Using my creative eye to take pictures from unusal angles, learning as I went along to utilize lights and darks to accomplish interesting pictures for my publication.  For me, the seed was planted.

In 1997, I traveled to Poland with another artist, we were on a mission to seek out and capture through our photography, the magic of Poland.  I became completely enamored, taking pictures of unusal and exciting surfaces, locations and people in the spiritual realm.  I believe spirits never die, and the impact of ones spirit carries through the ages effecting our present day lives.  Merberg Castle, in the north of Poland, built in 1210 AD, an intriguing and spiritual forty-two acre castle was inhabited by the ”Knights of Old” and later on monks.  At Merberg I could sense the existence of old spirits that had inhabited the castle over the centuries.  And so, my perceptions of spirit awareness became heightened, gifting me with the ability to see and feel the spirit in everyone and everything I encountered.  Hopefully my photography reflects that awareness.  I am aware of “old spirits” in young children and “young spirits “ in older people.  My goal is to capture the spirit in pictures.

I especially applaud the strength of Leonardo daVinci’s spirit, he died regretting the incompletion of his 24 foot  bronze horse……..500 years later;  the SPIRIT CONNECTION was made when an American airline pilot devoted his life to fulfilling daVinci’s dying wish.  I was fortunate enough to witness and photograph the unveiling of the completion of this absolutely amazingly beautiful horse in June 1999.

I believe spirit rises above the mundane or lower self, it cannot die, it can however, be denied or buried deep inside usually because of fear, but the spirit always survives and is there in all humanity.