Black Clematis, monoprint, 18” x18”

Kalin Prints: 40 Nevis Road, Tivoli 12583 |845-756-5214

4 entry stairs.


My prints are unique variations of etchings, monotypes, and monoprints that reflect the fragile and vanishing Landscape. Multiple colors of ink, applied in many ways, combine with the characteristics of the plate and different papers when they are rolled through the press under pressure. The right alchemy and technique create the final image. Collage and chine collee are often added later.

“The light reflected on water, the time of day or night, and the infinity of the horizon are never the same. Living near or on water much of my life, I’ve seen dams break, and clear waters compromised by pollution. I’ve also seen the tides come and go, and watched the water’s miraculous ability to clarify when the winds die down and the sun comes out.”

Exhibitions, corporate, museum, and private collections are listed at: www.LouiseKalin.com.