Mystic Forest, textile & mixed media,14″ x 16″

Linden Textile Arts: 5 Linden Lane, Hyde Park 12538. 845-229-9029 | Handicap accessible  /

Marilyn Grieco has been sewing since the age of 7.  Over the years, she has explored embroidery, cross-stitch, crewel-work, quilting, tailoring, custom dress-making and upholstery. Aside from a few early pointers from her mother, Marilyn is entirely self-taught. While enthralled by the texture and color of textiles and threads, eventually the pursuit of the “womanly arts” no longer satisfied her creative urges.  That’s when she began exploring incorporating the skills she’d mastered into mixed media, including metals, beads and paper, with a whimsical message.

Marilyn Grieco uses commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, quilting, paint, beads, metal and found objects to create one-of-a-kind “canvases.  Inspiration can be a particular fabric, or the way colors vibrate against one another, or a theme she wants to express. Stamps, stencils, hand and machine embroidery and dense machine-quilting are employed to add texture and interest.