6 Montgomery St., Tivoli, NY 12583 | 845-757-2632

Programming can be found on Time Warner channel 23 or via our live stream

Public Access Northern Dutchess Area, Inc. (PANDA) is a not-for-profit Public Access Station located in Tivoli NY. We are committed to providing local programming which will increase opportunities for community expression on issues and topics that affect the lives of community members. To this end, Panda believes that the local community will play an active role in determining and developing programming for public and government access. Our mission is to provide the community with the technology and equipment to produce their own programming.

We also operate a public access channel, a resource which provides any area resident with air time, for any non-commercial purpose, for free. All of these locally produced programs can be seen on Time Warner Cable Channel 23, or online at anytime here. Additionally, we maintain a community bulletin board, which keeps our residents informed of local events as well as events in the surrounding areas.

PANDATV 23 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and follows the PEG (Public, Educational, and Government access) system to make available equipment, training, and televised air time on the local cable system so that members of PEG can produce their own shows and broadcast them to an extensive audience. In order to produce your own show, in studio or in the field, please contact our station. We offer training workshops which are required for equipment usage.

Produce your own show!
PANDA now provides the technology to produce programs in our Tivoli Studio. If you are a constituent in our five municipalities and would like to produce a studio show, please call PANDA at (845) 757-2632 for more information.