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J&J’s Gourmet was born out of a great passion for food and the culinary arts. The menu has a blend of your classic favorites and new gourmet adventures! Using a blend of locally sourced products we always strive to use the freshest ingredients possible to create a tantalizing selection of gourmet meals.

J&J’s Gourmet Café and Catering offers both a “farm fresh” café and exceptionally high-quality and precise catering. Take pleasure in their traditional homemade baked goods, breakfast foods and unique luncheon menu – all prepared with the freshest ingredients provided by local farmers as available and specialty food producers. Share your event plans and ideas and see how they can assist you from inception to realization.

From start to finish we can help guide any catering event to be exactly what you are looking for. We strive to create the cuisine of your dreams allowing you to site back and enjoy your event. We work to ensure you have the right number of portions (not too much and not too little!), the right selection of food and presentation that will have your friends talking for months.

You will see, feel and taste the difference.