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40 Nevis Road, Tivoli 12583 |845-417-3830 | 4 entry stairs, no wheelchairs, rough barn floor | Studio visit by appointment only

Meet Louise Kalin in this one-minute video created by Alice Seeger of Seeger Solutions (2019): https://vimeo.com/user30622033/download/348631395/881676570d

Background: My mother was an art teacher – Manilla paper and crayons, and scissors and paints were plentiful. I felt rich for having a thick stack of paper and a drawing space built of shelves my brother made into a desk, just my 5-year-old height, from boards and bricks in the family coat closet. Drawing was what I loved most. I drew and painted our animals, the garden, my parents, and our Catskill and Cape Cod surroundings. That was 60 years ago, and I find those memories to be my truest and keenest sources. They often prompt my current prints and drawings.

Current directions: The primary focus of my work is process and the joy of working with materials.  My drawings and prints use beautiful, refined papers and inks, which I combine with unorthodox found materials. I have a devotion to natural forms to which I add subtle color and drawing. These are highly composed, strictly structured pieces with the addition of my hand-printed papers. They have a sense of mystery and other worldliness with fragile line, and delicate color.  Others are studies in vivid colors and are formal compositions with horizon, water and hand-printed atmospheric patterns.