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Welcome to Merriweather’s, an inspiring boutique and all-natural healthy-skin-food emporium.

Our soaps, creams, and all other skin care products are made from natural vegetable oils, herbs, and essential oils. Our luxurious soaps, oils, creams, and bath products are affordably priced to make your everyday skincare and extraodinary treat!

We offer many of our blends in soaps, salts, oils, creams and colognes so you can have all your scents the same, or customize your scent by layering one flavor over another (i.e. jasmine cologne over patchouli cream). Check out our wonderful line made with superior ingredients online then give us a try. We’re sure you won’t go back to the ordinary soaps. Your skin won’t let you!

Our Story: Merriweather’s is owned and operated by Shari Manfredi, a fashion innovator, artiste and beautiful skin enthusiast. Merriweather’s began twenty years ago when we launched with a small line of all natural soaps and creams, selling at local farmer’s markets. We quickly gathered a passionate following and have grown into the popular line of products, a bustling and energetic shop and the online catalog we have today.

Our Philosophy: It’s simple: make the finest all natural skin care products available, customized in beauty and strength, for a fun experience – all at reasonable prices. Merriweather’s products are synonymous with love, spirit and joy!