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“Transitions” describes the movement of Kary’s work from textiles to paper, to painted/ digital photographs, alcohol inks, eggshell art, eco prints, and beeswax collage.

Creating has been a lifelong passion for Kary. Although, she seriously began channeling her creative energy into weaving design in 1988. After weaving for 20 plus years, she began to branch out into other mediums.

Nature is often the subject of Kary’s photographic work, because like fiber, it is full of color, pattern and texture. “When something catches my eye, in that moment, I literally let my consciousness fall away and allow myself to fall into what I want to capture with my lens.”

She views all her work as alchemy, because it transforms the ordinary into the sublime, a seemingly magical power of the process of transmutation.

Her work consists of untouched digital photographs, enhanced photography, polaroid transfers/ hand painted photography, eco printing, alcohol inks, eggshell art and beeswax collage.

Kary has resided in the Hudson Valley since 1976. Her professional education in nursing, psychology, Ericksonian Hypnosis, coaching and nutrition evolved into a private practice in 1996. Focusing on mind/body integration, stress management and hypnocoaching as a holistic/functional medicine, nurse consultant.

I am excited to display all the mixed medium I work with, and to share it with you.
Looking forward to meeting you at my studio.

Photography: Created with digital cameras, Polaroid transfers and Painted Photography

Transferring original photographic images onto polaroid paper And then transferring the image onto watercolor paper. It is then hand painted with watercolor pencils or pastels

Eco Prints: These prints are created with fresh flower petals or stems, placed between pieces of handmade Lotka Paper, from Nepal. The flowers are then hammered into the paper and the images are created. The petals or stems are then discarded. Leaving the image transfer.

Alcohol Ink: Alcohol ink is a translucent, acid-free, highly pigmented fluid medium intended for nonporous surfaces. It is a very free flowing medium. Utilizing tile ,Yupo Paper, or eggshells as a base to create the designs. Every piece is one of a kind.

Eggshell Art: Eggshells are washed and dried. Alcohol ink or paper is applied to the inside of the eggshell. The finished eggshell is then attached to eco print paper and framed to create the finished piece.

Beeswax collage: Using melted beeswax to paint the canvas or paper.
Placing and collaging lightweight papers onto the canvas and brushing it with a light layer of beeswax. The beeswax acts as an adhesive. It is an extremely forgiving medium.
One can place layer over layer of papers to create the collage. Using a very small, iron like tool to smooths out the design and eliminates excess beeswax.