Trio #1, Serigraph 2017, 14″ x 14″

13 Cove Road, Rhinebeck 12572 | 845-876-4128. Entry stairs. |

Christine Livesey has been a resident of Rhinebeck for the past ten years. She studied Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University, where she received her BFA in printmaking, before receiving her MAT at Dowling College. She has taught art on Long Island as well as here in Dutchess County.

Christine’s recent works are serigraphs/silkscreens based on Signs and Symbols. Each print is hand printed in Christine’s Rhinebeck studio. She uses symbols representing people in her life and emotion that they express. Home and family is a strong theme that runs throughout her recent works.

Hobo symbols another theme that runs through Christine’s work. During the Great Depression Hobos used signs and symbols to communicate with each other while traveling from town to town. These symbols were used to inform other “travelers” what to expect when they get to a new town, for example, “Kind Hearted Woman”, “Man With Gun” and “Work For Food”. Christine uses these symbols as an inspiration for some of the images in her prints.