The Swift, kiln-fired paint on glass, 12.5” x 11.5”

Glass by Dea: 28 Ford Road, Germantown 12526. 

518-537-2066 | Handicap accessible. /

About my work, style and philosophy

I am a traditional leaded stained glass window artisan who specializes in kiln fired glass painting techniques. I have worked with numerous glass studios in restoration; custom windows and designs:  fabrication of other artist’s work, along with making my own art pieces.

During the summer of 1995, while in partnership with the glass studio “Sun Dog” in Sugarloaf, NY, JoAnn Mannino and I had the opportunity to work with artist/author Frederick Franck. We were hired to fabricate a series of windows for the artist, “The Tao of the Cross” series and “The Oxherding “ series. His free style painting and his spiritual approach and outlook on life made a strong impression on me. I began to see the glass panel more as a canvas rather than the traditional glass window.  Subject matter also took on a more relevant role for my art pieces. I was not content to just make pleasing pictures, but images and symbols that represented something to me showed up in my artwork when I wasn’t constrained by a client’s commissioned requirements.

What is exciting about my medium

While lead lines and glass color and texture can be very exciting in creating a leaded glass piece, it has always been the kiln fired glass painting that has held my strongest interest. I had learned how to paint on glass with Albinas Elskus before I even had a kiln. I remember having these painted panels waiting almost a year in my studio space before I could afford to buy a kiln to fire them in. Over the years my painting experience has grown with practice and experimentation. There is some unpredictability in multiple firings of a single piece of glass. I don’t always know how a given piece will look when it comes out of the kiln. There is an exciting challenge in creating a glass piece when I give myself the freedom to push the paint and see how far I can go with it in layers and multiple firings. This is when I often get the best results and learn the most.

What viewers may come away from studio with

Kiln fired glass painting is a unique and interesting painting process. It requires mixing the powdered paint with different mediums depending on what you want it to do on the glass before firing.  I invite the public to get a glimpse of the brushes, paint and pallets, light table and work in progress.  Adding to a better understanding of this old technique that dates back to the 12th century.

Dea at backsplash