“Journey”,  Kiln fired glass painting in traditional leaded glass panel, 12″x 12″

Glass by Dea: 28 Ford Road, Germantown 12526 | 201-572-9362 | Handicap accessible /

The past two years of retreating and isolating from the pandemic have 

offered an opportunity for me to focus on a series of 7 pieces called 

“Journey”. Upon completion of the initial series, it was clear that the 

Covid experience was far from over and an additional 10 painted 

glass panels followed. It has become my largest window series in 

a 2 year period that may or may not be complete.

With images of nature and the wilds within it, this series is an exploration of 

the multifarious path of life and its cycle. The pieces move from complete 

images to fragments beyond boundaries. All the partial to whole pieces 

ultimately integrate into something bigger than initially imagined. This 

experience and it’s reflection in art form represents life acknowledging itself 

in a narrative that is one artist’s interpretation.

A newly constructed green house on the property provides a perfect 

place to exhibit the new series plus additional pieces from a much earlier 

series call the “Journal” series.  This exhibit space is in addition to the working

glass studio with pieces in the process of building.  


Dea Archbold is an experienced kiln fired glass painting artist with skills in

 all stages of leaded and foiled glass window construction, glass fusing,

 window restoration and commission work. The home studio is set up to 

fabricate the entire process, from beginning to finish .

Glass education background included:

 – Studying the part of painting on Glass under Albin Elskus

– Studying Glass Fusing @ Arrowmont Arts & Crafts School, in Tenn. 

with Gil Reynolds.

  Studying the Fine Arts At Buffalo State College

Experience working with other glass Studios:

– DC Glass Studios in Germantown, NY

-Sundog Stained Glass Studio, Sugarloaf, NY

     Fabrication of artist/auther Frederick Franck’s glass series:        

      “ The Tow of the Cross” and “ The Oxherding Parable” 

– Golden Aged Glass Workd, Warwick, NY

– Stained Glass & Pottery, Sugarloaf, NY

– 6th Dimension Design, Buffalo, NY

– Glasko, Buffalo, NY