Guggenheim Ceiling: photograph

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Demoy started working in the darkroom as a young teenager working in his fathers darkroom developing 35mm film. He travelled a lot as a young man shooting 35mm slides recording images from Europe and the Middle East. Demoy has found inspiration amongst the farms, rivers and mountains in the Hudson Valley. To quote Demoy “ The connection to the land is so important to me, It grounds me, gives me a sense of place from which to grow”. Currently working in the digital medium while finding new connections thru an old Rolleiflex. He is exploring using different Japanese papers in printing. Demoy loves to explore the ephemeral in nature. Using the Japanese papers adds a tactility to the photographs. The textures of the papers are part of the final product. Bringing images out of the frame and into the light gives me great satisfaction.

Photos below: PS1 / Sag Harbor / Soft Hay