Hanusha: The Happy Healer, textile sculpture

D’votional Arts:  Guest artist at Mindell Dubansky’s Studio: 19 Broadway, Tivoli 12583  | Handicap accessible


D’vorah Darvie is a Bronx native who relocated to the Hudson Valley in 2011. D’vorah is a self-taught artist and craftswoman who came from a long line of Russian artists and craftspeople, specializing in various aspects of metalwork. D’vorah is a mixed-media artist, who has specialized in jewelry, ceramics, textiles, beading and painting. She has an organic way of working, which incorporates and reflects nature, her personal experiences and a love of materials:

In each creative moment hands remembering the past & future, weaving art with whatever presents itself-paper-fabric-clay-glass-metal-threads, all weaving memory of life new & old. Archetypes [dolls] tell all our stories & then some!! 

D’vorah will be showing a variety of her colorful and dynamic handmade artworks and useful arts, including unique dolls, jewelry, paper flowers and sewn items. Each doll embodies a different personality, each with their own voice and message, with the goal of sending a positive message out into the world. Happiness, healing, empowerment, understanding, comfort and friendship are some of the messages they embody. Her joy of making is evident in every piece. She will be showing at the Tivoli studio of friend and ASV artist (bookbinder, conservator and felt-maker), Mindell Dubansky. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our work.

“re-Joyce” (close-up) / Paper created flowers / assorted dolls