Laughing, mixed media on woven vellum, 21”x 18.5”, 2020

EJE Studio: 205 Viewmont Road (Big Brown Barn), Germantown 12526 | 518-567-2110 | One step at threshold, uneven barn floor inside

ejestudioart.com | journetnoir@gtel.net

Ellen Jouret-Epstein is an abstract artist working in a variety of media.   Her unique work has been described as “some otherworldly mash-up of quilts and paintings and sculpture and something else altogether.” That “something else” is what inspires her, whether she works on paper, with foil, or felt.  She approaches her work as collage and is drawn to experimentation with a variety of materials and processes, incorporating a good deal of chance.  She is fearless with color.

Ellen is a self-taught artist who began her art practice as a weaver, exhibiting work in museums and galleries as part of the nascent fiber arts movement in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Her most recent work returns to woven structure by combining mixed media – acrylic painting, ink, image transfer, collage, graphite and colored pencil — with woven paper.  The earliest of these are patterned like textiles while the most recent series explores form and the illusion of three-dimensional space.  Her process disrupts the systematic grid of the woven structure and creates an unpredicted “painting.” Or a virtual sculpture?  She quotes writer Adam Gopnik, in a recent issue of  The New Yorker: “What makes good games matter is the commitment of their players to the rules as a springboard of invention.”

Ellen takes inspiration from fashion, nature, and even outer space. She is also a landscape architect, and her work often creates a kind of map, landscape or topography.  She is interested in the transition from one element to another, the common edges that, like topographic contours, can by themselves be a kind of drawing.