Cherry Blossom, charcoal ink on rice paper

182 Pleasant Vale Road, Tivoli 12583 | 646-620-3914 | Stairs


My paintings on paper are informed by the artistic practice of Japanese calligraphy. The brush strokes are intended to evoke the strength of warriors, the organic shapes of nature, the pleasureful sounds of music, the sensuality of dance. Negative space is paramount in my works; it is through them that passion is made palpable. While they are grounded in the present on a stylistic level, their context is historical and classical. They underscore tradition, celebrate innovation, and imply a future yet to come.

Fumiko Sugaya was born in Japan. She moved to the USA in 1982. She currently lives in New York and has a studio in the Hudson Valley. She began working as a stylist for print advertisement and tv commercials in 1975, and as a costume designer for movies and television. She was a pioneer in costume design in Japan and continued to excel in the field when she moved to the United States in 1982. She began studying painting at the Art Students League of New York in 1989 under Nicki Orbach and Frank O’Cain. She is a member of the Art Students League of New York and Tivoli Artists Gallery, where she frequently shows her work.