Blue Clouds 1? Maybe?, acrylic on canvas 2017, 36″ x 36″

119 Russell Avenue, Rhinecliff 12574

718-208-7048 | No wheelchairs |

BLUE CLOUD, is a good example of my new paintings that deal with the convergence of abstraction 
and reality. My new paintings show the tension between landscape painting or alternative reality 
and minimal abstract art or reductive painting. I use iridescent and various metallic colors which 
I paint with my fingers, using silicone and acrylic paint. The square format include 4 horizontal 
sections divided by a deep groove that makes them tridimensional.  This format and structure 
are not really affiliated with landscape painting but more with abstract painting. It shows the 
tension and complexity of the work. I am repeating a simple  pattern that could refer to an abstract 
shape, or a cloud, a galaxy or an unknown landscape object. I am an abstract painter adjusting to 
the Hudson Valley and being influenced by its landscape and history and creating minimal 
abstract/realistic paintings.