encaustic, oil, collage & drawing media on birch plywood,

4360 Rt 9G, Germantown 12526 | 845-452-6287 | Handicap accessible |

Throughout my career, the landscape has been my primary inspiration. While my work ranges from descriptive to abstract, the common thread is always my preoccupation with space, atmosphere, and form. For over fifteen years, I have been incorporating the unique characteristics of encaustic paint (beeswax) into my work and continue to find new applications for this incredibly versatile and seductive medium.

Most recently I have been exploring the use of irregularly shaped compositions by assembling hand-cut and painted pieces of wood into a variety of configurations.  This process allows me to expand into a more three-dimensional approach. As with my other work, these pieces range from descriptive to abstract but all have the shared influence of the landscape. Being a lifelong resident of the Hudson River Valley, I am very much drawn to the long history of American landscape painting and see my work as part of that continuum.

Josh with his bees for encaustics








Spring, encaustic on plywood