Tempus Feugit: Equus, mixed media 2018

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It began while I was in treatment, when plans were written in pencil so they could be easily erased. Life felt very temporary in those days.

I am a photographer. It is how I speak to the world. And for most of my artistic career, I have been a fine art equine photographer. Going to wherever there were horses. To reflect on the world through the idea and form of the horse.

After major surgery and during treatment for Ovarian Cancer, as much as I was driven to create, photographing horses was not an option. I had neither the strength to be on my feet for hours while carrying my heavy camera equipment, nor was I supposed to be out mingling with the general population for fear of infection. Or in the sun where I would easily burn as a reaction to the chemo.

What I could do, and what I did, was to set up a tarp and table in my own backyard. I had been collecting objects for years without knowing the reason. Drawn to the shapes of bones, antlers, shells, seeds, vines and rusted metal.  A still life set up in natural light. Something that I had never done before. When I had ½ hour of energy in me, when the light was just right, I grabbed my camera and some of those objects. And I photographed them.  I created a new existence in image for these objects.  Making a connection between my own journey from death back in to life. I started in my backyard and have moved indoors to a studio in my own gallery business. The more I did, the more I do, the more meaningful the images become.

And then, what began as photography, evolved in to sculpture. Objects assembled for image, demanded permanency. And the Mythic Offerings series was born. Again reinforcing, what new life can be created from the bones of the old one.