Pioneer Stock: collage: acrylic, paper, photos, ink, charcoal, pencil on cradled wood panel; 36”w x 48”h

364 Academy Hill Road, Milan 12571 | 914-388-3395 | Handicap accessible but the studio entrance is a short walk across grass lawn. May be difficult for wheelchairs.

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I was drawn to the Hudson Valley, as many others are, to create a new chapter of my life. After years in the world of advertising design, I felt the call to apply my creative energy to my own work. I love the tactility of paper and paint. Cutting and tearing and pasting and layering. A sensual pleasure in a digital world.

My latest series began with a DNA test.

While searching for some health answers among my genetic variants, I discovered the stories of the people who handed me those genes. Harrowing stories. Amazing stories. I became fascinated not just with the ancestry pedigree charts, but by the invisible genes that were the actual linkages to these early Mormon pioneers and Scandinavian immigrants.

Are people just an “X” and a “Y” from a sperm and an egg? Are my traits my own, or an inevitable mathematical result of collision, division and replication? Was my cancer a modern creation? Or is it my mother’s cancer, and a Viking mother’s cancer, or a cancer spawned when a Mormon Pioneer met an English merchant’s daughter?

Did the Viking ships bring my curiosity, and the covered wagons bring my restlessness? And when my grandfather handed my great grandmother a wedding ring, did he hand me the dopamine variant responsible for my wandering, creative mind?

At a cellular level their traits, their diseases, their struggles, and their hopes are mine. Layer upon layer, I’ve woven imagery of that cellular network, and those genetic landscapes, into our joint story…playing with pictures and place, and science and art.

Beehive State: collage: acrylic, paper, photos, ink, charcoal, on cradled wood panel; 30”x 40”





In the Blood / Hannah Christina / Kathryn in her studio