Around the Harbour, acrylic on canvas 2015, 32″ x 24″

Paul Hamilton Studio: 32 Knollwood Road, Rhinebeck 12572

321-277-4769 | Handicap accessible

British artist, Paul Ian Hamilton is a painter of urban landscapes, architectural cityscapes and romantic seascapes. Influenced by his extensive travels in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands, France and India, his paintings burst into life with brilliant skies, architectonic buildings, busy harbors, and people involved in the many activities of daily life. Some paintings are bright and cheerful and others feature dark dramatic skies, and post-industrial visages. Thus is revealed the mind and many moods of the artist. One collector noted, “Paul’s paintings make me happy. If I come home in a bad mood, sit with a drink, and look at his work, I forget what I was upset about.”

Paul paints quickly, and often from imagination and remembered images. Paintings appear onto the canvas overnight, as if by magic, in reality it is intense concentration and decades of studied skills that make the complicated compositions emerge. Small mischievous characters, manifestations of the childlike nature of the artist, often appear in windows, and on streets, and like “ Where’s Waldo”, Paul invites the viewer to find these impish personalities.

Paul’s work is in private collections in France, England, the Netherlands, the United States and China.