Pine Wall Sculpture

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I began building and designing furniture and sculpture in 2005, when I found a job at a custom cabinetry shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since then I have collaborated with other woodworkers, architects, and artists to create a vast array of projects.

My experience moved from built-in cabinets and millwork towards free-standing furniture, including restoration. Some of the most exciting work I’ve done has been in art fabrication, working with artists such as Peter Halley, Alex Kalman, Maira Kalman, Ai WeiWei, Frank Stella, and Richard Artschwager.

Since moving to the Hudson Valley of New York in 2019, I have developed my own shop and enjoy creating objects from wood, metal, stone, glass- but mostly wood. My family and I are not far from Vassar College, where I earned a BA in history in 2000.

My respect for history fuels an extra level of intrigue when what I build comes from something with its own story. We live on an old farm, and on it are weathered oak paddock fences, fallen trees, and a venerable 1860s barn filled with timeworn wood. Some of these materials may yet play a part in stories to come. And I look forward to helping shape the narrative.

Above: Peter’s Workshop

Below: Cedar Shelf Sculpture / Locust Spoon / Walnut Bench / Walnut Cutting Board

Studio photo by Kayleigh Ann Archbold