Quiet Interlude, ink, graphite collage on mylar, 11” x 11”, 2019

Roxie Johnson Fine Art: 5 Carriage House Court, Hyde Park 12538 |845-233-8504 |Stairs, no wheelchairs /

“My recent work examines the folding and unfolding of form, line and space. Prompted by a cognitive and intuitive process, I begin with no fixed result in mind. This origin invites abandon and discovery, fueling my vital need for change. My language of drawing, painting and collage offers me an odd sense of order in what often feels like surrounding chaos. It reveals my love of open and unencumbered space, where every mark made is responsive and reminiscent of the beauty in chance. Complexity and subtlety fascinate me.  Their visual conversation animates the artist I am.” 

Perfect Storm, ink, graphite, acrylic, collage on mylar, 11″ x 14″, 2019

Born and raised in a tiny suburb of New York City, Roxie grew up a quirky, shy, pencil-thin young girl, determined to transform the lost into found treasure. Holding an MFA in Illustration from Syracuse University, she has worked as both fine artist and visual arts educator for over 40 years. Career highlights include summer fellowship at Skidmore college; study in Florence, Italy; NAWA induction; recognition by the Smithsonian Institute Archives of American Art; and recent enrollment at the Woodstock School of Art. Roxie has both exhibited and received awards in juried competitions nationally as well as in galleries of the Mid-Hudson and Metropolitan area.