Hallelujah, acrylic & encaustic, 24” x 30”

Sean Bowen Art: 219 Slate Quarry Road, Rhinebeck 12572 | 917-755-3348 | Handicap accessible

Original figurative art with expressive moods
I have been exhibiting my paintings in New York City and New England since the mid 90’s, including 14 one-man shows and 26 group shows including the Silver Mine Gallery, Hells Kitchen Artists Show, and Bethel Art Junction.

I have primarily focused on commissioned works, sales to private collectors, and corporate installations. My work has been featured at The Regency Hotel, Time Square Hotel, David Ryan Salon, ArtBar, Moonwork Theater and over a dozen restaurants in New York.

Described as a cross between Matisse and Picasso, my work possesses a unique style and figurative quality of its own, creating expression through mood, color and image. I primarily work in acrylic or oil stick, but it is not unusual for me to incorporate a “mixed media” approach.

The quality of strong color and texture are integral to creating the moods I look for. With that in mind I believe in using only the finest of materials to ensure a long life for each painting.

My formal training included the Silvermine Guild of Artists, Paier School of Art,the University of Oregon and the Streets and Sidewalks of NYC.