27 South Street, Rhinebeck | 917-304-4576 | Stairs to 2nd floor studio, children must be supervised

We are thrilled to welcome emerging artist 16-year old Tess Miller, who works in watercolor and acrylics. Tess’s studio is in an historic barn in the Village of Rhinebeck.

As a high school student at a specialized art school, experimentation is a large part of my work. I am figuring out what my preferred medium is and what styles and techniques I would like to adopt. By testing a variety of different ways to create art, my current work is very broad and does not yet have a singular theme or aesthetic. I enjoy improving on technique and skill.

One reoccurring theme in my work, however, is important memories and people in my life being the subject matter. Most of my art has some sort of personal connection to me, despite how unorganized it can feel as a whole.