Time Does Not Bring Relief: Acrylic, pastel, and charcoal on canvas, 48″x 48″

Cale Artworks Studio: The Chocolate Factory – 54 Elizabeth St, Suite 26, Red Hook 12571 | 845-750-5808 | Handicap Accessible /

I have been painting for the better part of twenty years with a focus mainly on the human figure and portraiture. After a short artist’s retreat in December of 2019, I was compelled to try a new approach to painting. With abstract art and neo-expressionism in the forefront of my mind, I began to paint with more energy and at a faster pace. Since then, I have returned to the studio with a new vision and even more drive to create.

My latest work responds to our world’s current state of affairs and draws from my personal experience. The majority of my current paintings are abstract in the sense that they are done very quickly with the hope of maintaining random precision. Keeping the energy and the concept as the major aspects of the work, I maintain the color and the composition in my peripheral. My hope is that this work will become a valuable reflection of what is sure to be known as a highly unique and transformational period in human history.

Desolation Angels, Acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 74″ x 66″ (above)

Pandemic Poets,  Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 48″ x 48″ (below) / Photograph of artist Thomas Cale