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Inspired by a color that wants seeing or the gesture of brush in hand moving on the canvas, Kaplan says her work is a dream that forms on the canvas or surface she is using. An atmosphere is building and the details will enter gradually. What shows up hints of what is coming next. It’s like hiking a trail without markers, or hunting for treasure in faint moonlight.

“Listening to audio fiction keeps my surface thinking away from the painting process. For some this might be an impossible distraction, but for me it is a way of not impeding subliminal impulses from coming to the fore. In the act of painting while listening, my curiosity is being stimulated on two fronts at once: what is happening in this book? and what is happening on this canvas? I hope to convey a pleasurable sense of adventure to the public who see my work.”

What unites the diverse themes — Kabbalistic anonymous beings, shamanic elements, gestural minimalism, and fauvist landscapes– is the artist’s use of high key color, strong pattern contrasts, layering and texture.