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37 Wynkoop Lane, Rhinebeck 12572 | 914-456-9983 | Stairs |

Dean Vallas has been a participating artist on the ASV tour since it’s inception. Studio 303 is available to visit by appointment only. Visit his website for more images and information.

As Dean writes: I am a figurative artist living in the Hudson Valley. My work is informed by the people, landscapes and objects that are part of my life. My drawings and paintings sometimes incorporate grids or directions or language. I include these elements as a way to direct me as I work. I paint or draw as a way to question how the world I see exists. The works are themselves experiments as a way to question reality.

 What appears realistic includes elements of the process by which I achieve the finished work. I work and rework my paintings and drawings until I am drawn away from them and can hear them (figuratively) say that they are finished.