Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the tour free? The tour a free event for visitors – we especially welcome families. Maps and additional information are available at our 3 Headquarters: Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery (43-2 E Market St (The Courtyard) in Rhinebeck); The Artist’s Collective of Hyde Park (4338 Albany Post Rd (Rt 9) in Hyde Park);  and the Tivoli Artist Gallery (60 Broadway in Tivoli)

Is this a guided tour?  It is a SELF-guided tour. You can pick up a map or download it from our website to decide which studios you would like to visit … but you’re on your own! Artists can guide you to near-by studios and you can ask directions, but this is a self-led tour.

May I purchase art during the tour? Yes! It would be wonderful if you did but doing so is not a requirement. Artists are able to process a payment on site with credit cards, checks, and of course, cash.

If I’m hungry, will there be food? Many restaurants and cafes are sponsors of ASV2018 and included on the tour map. Also artists can suggest other places near their studios. There will definitely be a farmstand or two along the tour that would also be worth a stop!

Are there any hikes or historic sites nearby? Absolutely! And some beautiful ones at that. There is an excellent list on the Dutchess Tourism website ( so you can stretch your legs, take in the scenery, or even stop by a picnic. We urge you to take advantage of Dutchess and Columbia County’s outdoor beauty!