Marie Cole

Magic Hour: Oil on Canvas, 14” x 14″

Marie Cole Fine Art Studio | 8 Main Street, Germantown 12526 | 518-821-3836 | 4 Entry stairs | [email protected]

Marie Cole has lived in the Hudson Valley since the early 60’s. After living in Rhinebeck for many years, she now lives in Germantown, by the river, in a converted warehouse.

Cole’s paintings of the Hudson Valley reflect her love of the landscape: the river, mountains, towns and surrounding farmlands. In the past few years, she has been very drawn to water and weather. A river, bay, stream or pond is special at sunset or sunrise. An approaching storm offers excitement over water. When the chilly weather of fall and winter arrives, it’s challenging to see how much color can be found in the landscape at that time of year. The process of painting is important to her. Cole states, “I love the paint, thick or thin, the viscosity, piled up in layers or scraped down to the canvas, creating texture or smoothness. I love the way paint creates light and shadow, yet, when you look closely, it is still just paint”.

Her series of paintings are very often informed by her semi-abstract, landscape-based monotypes. The small monotypes are usually an exploration of a new idea, such as a storm. For the most part, they are imagined, yet based on a particular site. The large paintings that result from the monotypes tend to be less about the site and more about the idea.

Marie graduated from Vassar College and taught at Dutchess Community College for several years. Her paintings are in corporate and private collections from coast to coast. She shows locally and in galleries throughout the east coast.