Bragg Hollow Studio: 15 Center Street, Rhinebeck 12572 | 845-372-3840 | Handicap Accessible | [email protected]

Alix Hallman Travis’ painting mediums and tools change with the passage of the seasons. Spring and summer’s warmth propel her outside to paint joyously, alla prima, en plein air, in watercolor.

Alix draws her subject matter from her immediate surroundings.  She is not interested in making an exact representation of anything. Instead she attacks her subject with big brushes, loose, wet strokes, and bold colors.  She likens herself to a jazz musician “in a groove” improvising. I make a stroke of loose. watery color; it moves and I follow its lead, again and again until the painting is finished.”  For her watercolor painting is done in a frenzy of fun.  She doesn’t end there.  Only a fraction of her work every sees the public’s eyes.  The leftovers are torn into swatches of color and collaged together into large and small compositions.

A signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, she has been juried into national and international exhibitions.  She began her art education at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Her work is in institutions across Northeastern NY, Ohio and Western Massachusetts.  Alix is one of the founding members of Art Gallery 71 in Rhinebeck.

A short, about 6 min. video was prepared several years ago as a promotional for the East Branch Delaware River Plein Air Painters.  It consists enirely of shots from our paintouts of me painting in the Catskills.  Take time to enjoy & learn about Alix’s plein air methods:

Alix in her Rhinebeck Studio – photo by Joanna Hess | Bringing the Outdoors In, oil on canvas, 30×36″