Louise Kalin

Kalin Print Studio: 40 Nevis Road, Tivoli 12583 | 845-417-3830 | 4 entry stairs, no wheelchairs, rough barn floor

louisekalin.com[email protected]

My Catskill childhood nurtured in me a reverence for nature and the environment. The layers, the patterns and colors of my surroundings are embedded in my prints, drawings, and sculpture. I’ve adapted the alchemical processes of printmaking over many years, transforming them into richly colored layers of color, both abstract and representational images that echo the natural world. The broader landscape often frames my inner landscape. Chance, spontaneity and investigation renews my vision, and keeps me reinventing with new processes.

When I’m trying new methods, life and work are exciting and I’m moving forward. When I’m printing, I enjoy a feeling of meditative connection and I am reminded of the essential reliance we all share with the natural world.

My prints are in many private and corporate collections around the country, and were selected for the Art in US Embassies Program.  I maintain my studio in Tivoli, NY. and welcome your visit.

Meet Louise Kalin in this one-minute video created by Alice Seeger of Seeger Solutions: https://vimeo.com/user30622033/download/348631395/881676570d